About Move4words

Who is it for?

Move4words can be used as a targeted small group intervention or an inclusive whole-class school intervention for Years 1 to 7.

Our organisation was set up to tackle the educational impact of social and economic disadvantage, so this our main target market.

How to use in schools

What exactly is it?

Move4words (it's pronounced Move-for-words) is an group sensory training programme for use in schools, taking 10 - 15 minutes per day, for 12 weeks.

Each days' session is a routine of 10 exercises covered fully by step-by-step videos on a DVD.

It helps youngsters improve their reading through a series of classroom movement exercises which focus their attention on body and eye movement. The programme also includes rhythm, timing, listening exercises, mindfulness, breathing training and relaxation.

The Move4words Programme

How to use Move4words in schools

Specifics for Primary Schools

Specifics for Secondary Schools

Technical requirements

The thinking behind Move4words

The key aim of Move4words is to improve literacy and exam performance through improved concentration and attention. It is evidence-based and incorporates current scientific ideas on what prevents effective learning.

Working with large groups supports many children's learning for low cost.

The science behind Move4words

Origin of Move4words



How to run the programme

All you have to do is to play the correct segment from the DVD and help the children follow the video and audio guidance to do the exercises

How to use in schools

Is there any literacy teaching in M4W?

Reading doesn't come into it. The aim is to improve attention and awareness, so children can learn more effectively from your lessons.

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