How we got Verbal Feedback

Dr McClelland visited each school in the trials and asked teachers and pupils if they had noticed any changes. She did her best not to ask leading questions, but let the pupils decide what they wanted to tell her about. The class teacher was always present during these feedback sessions.

Many children reported improved reading, saying it had become much easier or much faster, or both.

Lots of children said they found it easier to concentrate in class or on homework.

Many children said they'd enjoyed the programme.

Primary Schools


Year 3

"I've seen an improvement in some of the very low ability children who are stuck learners - one child in particular now seems to be switching on at last - he is now able to spell out simple words" - Year 3 TA.

"A boy from the traveller community was always a very reluctant reader. Now he has read a complete book for the first time. It's fantastic!" - Year 3 teacher

"Move4words calms the class down and they seem to concentrate better" - Year 3 teacher

Year 4

"Our best SATs results ever!" - Year 4 teacher.

"The children are more focused, listen better and pay better attention" - Year 4 teacher

"Our children are a lot more focused now and all the class enjoy Move4words. Our reading results were very good!" - Year 4 teacher

Year 5

"When playing rounders, the girls are now able to organise themselves much better than before" - Year 5 teacher

Year 6

"Move4words calms them down ready for SATs" - Year 6 teacher

"Move4words gives the children a chance to put aside their worries. I see less anxiety and less mania, and it seems to get them into a learning mood" - Year 6 teacher

"The children are far more fluent and confident readers" - Year 6 teacher

"I was delighted in particular by a couple of boys who have been reluctant all year to share their own work in front of the whole class. (After Move4words) they were proud and confident in front of the whole school in the end of year assembly" - Year 6 teacher

"We've noticed that class behaviour has improved" - Year 6 teacher

"In the end-of-term play children could learn more lines, could concentrate better and managed far better with changes to the script" - Year 6 teacher

"A lot more children are getting to school on time" - Year 6 teacher

"Year 6 are now more focused, listen better and pay more attention" - External drama teacher revisiting Year 6 for the first time after M4W

"Move4words is very good for them!" - In-school supply teacher working with Years 3 to 6

All KS2

"The only KS2 group who are behind are this year's Year 5, who only did 4 weeks of Move4words last year because of logistical problems. Our Years 4 and 6 who completed the 12 week Move4words programme last year are all doing very well." - Headteacher

"We did Move4words with Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 last year, and we're repeating it again this year with all four year groups. The children are very happy to do the programme again. Our current Year 5 group were a very difficult group but they are all doing very well now." - Headteacher


Year 3

"I can play better with my friends" - Year 3 girl

"It's easier to concentrate" - Year 3 boy

"My handwriting is better" - Year 3 girl

"I can read better" - Year 3 boy

"My reading is much faster" - Year 3 girl

"My writing is faster" - Year 3 boy

"When I come to school feeling tired and sleepy, Move4words wakes me up" - Year 3 boy

Year 4

"I used to find it hard to read because I saw two of each letter. Now I can join them together into one, and reading is much easier!" - Year 4 girl

"I've been trying for ages to read a book with lots of long words, and couldn't manage. I can read them all now!" - Year 4 girl

"I can focus much more on my work" - Year 4 boy

"I can read much faster now" - Year 4 boy

"My writing is better" - Year 4 girl

"I can concentrate much better on my work in class" - Year 4 boy

Year 5

"I wake up and my bones are aching and I don't want to go to school. When I do Move4words, I feel energetic and ready for work!" - Year 5 boy

"Move4words really wakes my brain up, it makes my brain vibrate like a motorbike starting up" - Year 5 girl

"I've moved three boxes up in reading in only 10 weeks!" - Year 5 girl

"I'm reading more" - Year 5 boy

"I can concentrate better on reading tests" - Year 5 boy

"I did much better in SATs" - Year 5 boy

"I can read much faster now" - Year 5 boy

"I don't get so distracted by the pictures so I read a lot better" - Year 5 boy

"When I tried reading before Move4words, my eyes went all over the place and I often skipped a line. Now I can control my eyes and read much better" - Year 5 girl

"I used to feel angry a lot, since Move4words started I don't feel so angry" - Year 5 boy

"I can concentrate more" - Year 5 boy

"Before Move4words, I always used to talk when we were supposed to be writing, after two weeks of the programme, I stopped, and now I can concentrate on my writing" - Year 5 boy

"The breathing exercises have helped me run much faster" - Year 5 girl

"I wasn't doing very well, but once Move4words started, I've found it a lot easier in every subject - it's all starting to make sense to me" - Year 5 girl

Year 6

"Move4words makes me feel calmer" - Year 6 boy

"It makes me concentrate more on what people say" - Year 6 girl

"I can read much better because the lines aren't moving about all the time" - Year 6 boy

"I can read whole sentences better, they make sense now" - Year 6 girl

"My maths is better" - Year 6 boy

"I can concentrate more" - Year 6 boy

"Having to concentrate on my breath and eyes and everything helps me concentrate more on my reading" - Year 6 boy

"I was really tearful a lot of the time before Move4words, but I can hold it in easier now" - Year 6 girl

"I'm not talking so much when I'm not supposed to" - Year 6 boy

"Move4words is really good because it makes my brain start going, I can feel it!" - Year 6 boy

Secondary Schools


Year 7

"The students seem to be much more able to understand things than students from classes which have not used the programme" - Year 7 teacher

"I recently took the Year 7 class (which was using Move4words) for the first time. They ALL just sat down and got on with the difficult task I set them for a whole hour! I've never see this before in many years of teaching!" - Year 7 teacher

"Class behaviour has improved" - Year 7 teacher


Year 7

"I've noticed an improvement in my reading" - Year 7 boy

"It's easier to concentrate" - Year 7 boy

"My handwriting is better" - Year 7 girl

"I can read faster now" - Year 7 boy

We haven't had much opportunity to get feedback from Year 7 students, so watch this space!