Praise from leading educationalist

"I would like to recommend to you the new Move4words programme for consideration by your school or consortium. This is a radical new approach to approving attention and learning.

I am hugely impressed with the technique, and the philosophy and approach..... (more)"

Sir Tim Brighouse, former London Schools Commissioner, Professor of Education at Keele University and patron of Move4words.

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Example Teacher Testimonials

"Many of the children have noticed improvements of their own. As a class I find that they settle down very quickly after the sessions, there is definitely a marked change in their ability to concentrate."

Nicola Matthews, Year 5 teacher, Rose Hill Primary School, Oxford.

"It is really inclusive, allowing children with learning difficulties to fully engage by cleverly giving them all the clues they need to follow the exercises. At the same time, the programme moves pacily along with no hint of condescension, engaging even the brightest."

Grace Slater, Deputy Head, Orchard Meadow Primary school, Blackbird Leys, Oxford.

"The children absolutely loved the Move4words project"

Lisa Boggs, Year 3/4 teacher, Our Lady's RC Primary School, Cowley, Oxford....

"After the end of last year's Move4words trial, my Year 6 class concentrated much better in tests, and their reading was far more fluent and confident."

Carmel Isherwood, Year 6 teacher, Gilded Hollins Primary School, Leigh, Lancs

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What Children Say

"I can read better" - Year 3 boy

"When I come to school feeling tired and sleepy, Move4words wakes me up" - Year 3 boy

"I've been trying for ages to read a book with lots of long words, and couldn't manage. I can read them all now!" - Year 4 girl

"I used to rush my work but now I'm calm and do it better" - Year 4 boy

"I went up a whole level in maths because I stopped making silly mistakes and I can pay attention better" - Year 5 boy

"Move4words really wakes my brain up. It makes my brain vibrate like a motorbike starting up!" - Year 5 girl

"I can read much better because the lines aren’t moving about all the time" - Year 6 boy

"I can read whole sentences better, they make sense now" - Year 6 girl

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