How To Use Move4words In Schools -

What to do now that the programme has been transferred to Fit2Learn CIC :

You are free to continue using Move4words if your school has already purchased the resources.

Ideally, set aside 15 minutes at the start of the school day for Move4words.

You may feel nervous about taking time out of the curriculum to devote to Move4words, but our evidence has confirmed, time and time again, that you gain far more than you lose, through improvements in concentration, reading and other basic skills.

Furthermore, schools report that children are more alert and engaged with learning after Move4words.

The programme gives the best results when you deliver the programme early in the school day, and when it is delivered with a sense of fun and enthusiasm, and the students are encouraged to really go for it.

It can be used with targetted groups of poor readers. You can deliver the programme to up to 30 pupils at the same time, so you might decide to support all poor readers in Year 3 and Year 4 at once, for example.

You can also run the programme with whole class cohorts in Primary schools, rather than choosing specific groups of students who have challenges with their learning. More mature students can model the exercises for those who find it more difficult to comply, and all students benefit from this inclusive approach. Even high achievers can concentrate better and increase academic performance still further. If children with considerable special needs cannot keep up with the pace of the whole class, then by all means do give additional support to small groups to practice the parts that they might find difficult at a slower pace.

We also recommend that you monitor your pupils' progress with a standardised reading test before and after the intervention. We also supply a free reading speed test, which we recommend you use before and after Move4words. We provide a free data analysis service as part of your license.

Move4words complements and enhances your current literacy strategy and does not replace it.

Specifics for Primary Schools

Specifics for Secondary Schools