Overview of the Impact of Move4words

Question: What impact have schools experienced when they used Move4words?

Answer: Almost all trial schools experienced impressive and significant impact in literacy and learning, and also improvements in confidence, concentration and enthusiasm.

UK Primary and Secondary Schools have run their own trials of Move4words, and have provided us with data from more than 800 children in Year 3 to 7, showing major impact of Move4words on literacy and learning. All trials were designed and set up by Dr McClelland, with the invaluable assistance of Professor Brighouse.

All of the trials were carried out in regular UK classrooms, and Move4words was run by the classroom teacher or teaching assistant, who received a single short training session. Most schools were in areas of relative deprivation where literacy rates are lower than the national average, high proportions of children need free school meals and speak English as a second language.

In these trials, schools found that Move4words had significant impact across the ability spectrum in most of the areas which were assessed, although by far the biggest impact was experienced by the bottom 20% of the ability range.

There are growing indications that in more affluent areas, Move4words has a large impact in the lower ability range, but that academic performance of higher ability children may not improve significantly.

How does Move4words compare with other interventions?

We've compared our results to those from many other educational research studies, and on the effects of exercise on cognitive performance. We've used the "effect size", a method which allows comparison between different studies.

Move4words produces very impressive results.

Our studies produce average effect size values of between 0.4 (for above-average ability children) and 0.8 (for below-average ability children). These values pass the stringent criteria developed by Professor Hattie to determine if new interventions are worthy of introduction into schools (which requires a minimum effect size of 0.4).