The Impact of Move4words on KS2 SATs Results

Outcomes of School Trials

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Question: How does Move4words impact on KS2 SATs exams at the end of Primary School (for children aged 11).

Answer: More pupils achieved the target of Level 4 or higher in English and Maths in KS2 SATs exams in schools which had used Move4words, than in schools which did not.

Eight previously underperforming schools which did Move4words with their Year 6 children achieved very impressive improvements in KS2 results compared to performance in three previous years and to performance of 8 matched comparison schools. This was a large effect (effect size d = 0.86).

In 14 high performing schools which used one of the earliest versions of Move4words with their Year 4 children, significantly more children achieved the target of Level 4+ in English and Maths than in 14 other matched schools. This was a medium effect (effect size d = 0.34)

Improvements in KS2 SATs exam results