The Long-Term Impact of Move4words on Academic Performance

Outcomes of School Trials

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Question: Does Move4words have any long-term impact or does it just provide a short-term boost?

Answer: There is significant long-term impact up to three years after the end of the intervention.

For children in Years 3 to 5, academic progress continued to accelerate throughout the year following the end of the 12 week Move4words intervention.

With an earlier version of the programme, reading age continued to improve at a higher-than-predicted rate after the end of the programme, with good evidence for reading gains doubling during the 6 months after the end of the intervention.

Exam performance was enhanced, too, three years after the end of the intervention. Average long-term gains were a complete GCSE grade across all GCSEs taken and significantly higher numbers of A*-C grades and total points scores than matched groups who had not done the programme, including a movement-placebo control group. This is a medium sized effect, d = 0.63.

Children’s progress through KS2 tracked for up to four years

Reading age changes for Year 8 students

Long-term follow-up of exam performance in Year 11, three years after interventions