Primary Schools

Specifics for Primary Schools:

Move4words is very easy to fit into the school day in Primary Schools. Just have fun with it!

We recommend, as a rolling programme, that you use Move4words in the autumn term in Year 1 (or Year 2 if more convenient), and then repeat the programme with the same children in their Year 3 or the first half of their Year 4.

Initially, you may decide to use the programme with every child in Year 1 through to Year 6 to make sure that every child gets as much benefit as possible.

What teachers say:

“It’s so easy because you simply put the DVD in the player and the children follow the instructions on screen. You just slot it into your timetable at the very start of the day as soon as the children come in. It can be used with very little training.

The children absolutely love it. They think it is a really good start to the day.”

Jessica Mattingley, SENCO at Kings Hedges Primary School, Cambridge.