Secondary Schools

Specifics for Secondary Schools:

Move4words takes considerably more commitment to fit into the Secondary school day, than in the Primary sector. Committed schools have done very well with Move4words.

It's best to do the programme early in Year 7, while the students still think of themselves as Primary children.

Some secondary schools have used M4W with whole cohorts, others with specific groups of pupils with specific learning challenges.

It is VERY IMPORTANT not to take away fun activities from secondary students to squeeze Move4words into your already overcrowded day!

What teachers say:

"The students seem to be much more able to understand things than students from classes which have not used the programme"

- Year 7 teacher.

“I recently took the Year 7 class (which was using Move4words) for the first time. They ALL just sat down and got on with the difficult task I set them for a whole hour! I've never see this before in many years of teaching!"

- Year 7 teacher.

"Class behaviour has improved"

- Year 7 teacher.