The Impact of Move4words for Children with Special Educational Needs

Outcomes of School Trials

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Question: Does Move4words have different impact for children with different abilities?

Answer: Move4words has the biggest impact for children with Special Educational Needs.

In reading age, reading speed and in progress through National Curriculum levels in reading, writing and maths, children in the lowest 20% of the ability range experienced the largest impact.

83 children who had made very slow progress in reading in 4 years at Primary School, made dramatic gains during the 12 week Move4words intervention. On average, these children only had a reading age of six after four years of intensive support (a gain of only one year in four years of teaching). During Move4words, these children gained an average of one year in reading, in only four months!

It is unlikely that the impact of Move4words is just a placebo effect, because children in the bottom 20% regularly get extra support and help, and Move4words brought about an unexpected, sudden and long-lasting jump in performance.

Impact of Move4words for children with Special Educational Needs