Technical Requirements to Run Move4words in the Classroom

  • PC or Mac with DVD drive

  • The free download Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader, available here

    Follow the instructions to install Adobe Reader.
    **If videos don't play in Move4words after you install Acrobat Reader, then please look below to install the extra software that some computers may need**

  • Interactive Whiteboard or Digital Projector (or your computer screen for Home Edition)

  • Speakers in classroom (or your computer's sound turned on for Home Edition)

  • A sense of fun!

**You might need to install this Extra Flash Player download to make videos play

A bug in the newly released Adobe PDF Reader 11 means that some schools find that the videos and music in Move4words will not play.

Most schools are OK! The problem is caused by changes which Adobe have made to the updating process, (which only arise for certain combinations of operating system and browser), and you may need to manually download a new version of Flash Player.

Please use this link to download the additional version of Flash Player you will need if videos do not play.