Testimonials from Teachers about the effects of Move4words in the classroom

“Many of the children have noticed improvements of their own. As a class I find they settle down very quickly after the sessions, there is definitely a marked change in their ability to concentrate.” - Nicola Matthews, Year 5 teacher, Rose Hill Primary School, Oxford.

“Move4words has become part of a routine creating a calmer learning environment at the beginning of the day.” - Faiz Akhtar, Year 4 teacher at Bankside Primary in Chapeltown, Leeds.

“The staff and pupils of St Joseph’s have fully embraced the Move4words programme, they have enjoyed the structure of daily routine and active exercises. Many pupils have reported that it has helped them with their reading and concentration. They have also enjoyed watching the staff struggle with some of the more challenging moves!” - Jacqueline Lee, Headteacher, St Joseph’s Junior School, Luton

"The children are really enjoying Move4words and even in this short space of time I can see that their focus and concentration is improving” - Charlotte Wright, English Leader and Year 6 teacher, Liberty Primary School, Mitcham, London.

"This is the second year that I've used Move4words with my Year 4 class. The children have really enjoyed the new material this year; they were particularly enthusiastic about the specially written music! We're planning to use it again next year in Year 4, and may repeat it with a small group of children selected from Year 6, to give them a boost." - Walter Bayer, Year 4 teacher, St Andrew's C of E Primary School, Headington, Oxford.

"We ran the Move4words programme for the first time last year with Year 5 and 6, and the children all noticed improvements in their reading, writing and concentration. The exercises seemed to really calm them down ready for the SATs tests. During that term, I also noticed that the children doing Move4words found it much easier to learn lines and to cope with changes in the script for our end of year performances than comparible groups in previous years.

After the end of last year's Move4words trial, my Year 6 class concentrated much better in tests, and their reading was far more fluent and confident. The reading age tests I ran showed that the lower ability children's reading age improved at more than 5 times the national rate. I am so pleased that we took part in the Move4words trial. We are running it again this year with our Years 5 and 6, and early indications once again show improved levels of concentration and more confidence in reading. My pupils also thoroughly enjoy doing the daily exercises!" - Carmel Isherwood, Year 6 teacher, Gilded Hollins Primary School, Leigh, Lancs.

"My Year 6 class is now on Week 7 of Move4words, and the children are loving it! I have already noticed that the class show less general anxiety and are more focused. I feel that the programme gives the children the chance to put aside their worries and gets them into learning mode. Some of the children have told me that they can read better and concentrate better. A few quotes from children are "it is time to destress", "it wakes me up and gets my brain working" and that "it helps me concentrate more on what people are saying" (this from a girl who is not famed for her listening ability!). Move4words really seems to be working for us." - Vicky Williams, Deputy head and Year 6 teacher, Windale Community Primary School, Blackbird Leys, Oxford.

"I used Move4words last year with my Year 3 children, and I noticed an almost immediate improvement in concentration. One boy who had been a very reluctant reader suddenly switched on to reading and read a complete book for the first time!

This year, I'm teaching the same group who are now in Year 4, and they have very high levels of reading, more like I would expect from a Year 5 group." - Ailsa Foster, Year 3 teacher, Lowton St Mary's Primary School, Wigan

“Move4words is clearly a great benefit for children and I was very impressed with the performances by the pupils I saw at St Joseph’s. The children said the exercises helped them with everything from reading to sports.” - Kelvin Hopkins, MP Luton North

"I worked with children with special needs for a number of years, so I can see the skill with which Move4words has been crafted. The programme is motivating and really easy to follow for both the children and the teacher.

It is really inclusive, allowing children with learning difficulties to fully engage by cleverly giving them all the clues they need to follow the exercises. At the same time, the programme moves pacily along with no hint of condescension, engaging even the brightest.

It is extremely skilfully done, I can see the wealth of experience behind this programme, and am most impressed." - Grace Slater, Deputy Headteacher of Orchard Meadow Primary school, Blackbird Leys, Oxford, currently teaching Year 5.

Great response from OfSTED Inspectors

“We had HMI here last week, and they loved it (Move4words)!”

- Lisa Biggin, Headteacher, John Henry Newman Primary School, Littlemore, Oxford.

"We have found that Move4words really helps our children, so we're now using it routinely with our Year 5s. Last year's initial trial went really well, our data showed that the children's reading age increased far more than we expected, and they enjoyed literacy, maths and practical science more and felt more confident after the end of the programme.

My Year 5 children notice all sorts of improvements, some in things that you can't tell that they had problems with in the first place! One girl said "When I tried reading before Move4words, my eyes went all over the place and I often skipped a line. Now I can control my eyes and I read much better". - Julia Percy, Year 5 teacher, Christ Church Primary School, Leigh (now repeating Move4words with this year's Year 5)

"The children absolutely loved the Move4words project and both myself and my TA have really noticed the impact that it has had on concentration during independent reading and comprehension of texts in guided reading sessions" - Lisa Boggs, Year 3/4 teacher, Our Lady's RC Primary School, Cowley, Oxford.

"I find the children are more settled and ready to learn after doing the daily Move4words activity." - Joanne Marshall, Assistant headteacher for Years 3 and 4 at Harehills Primary School, Leeds.

"Move4words has had a positive impact in terms of punctuality for our school. More children are getting to school on time to ensure they can take part in the programme, it has become a vital part of the school day. Staff here are modelling to children how helpful it is as an aid to learning and concentrating and children really seem to be responding to that. We have having less late comers in the Move4words classes." - Diane Carbon, Acting headteacher, Windale Community Primary School, Blackbird Leys, Oxford.

"I was excited after the training - I couldn't wait to see if the impact promised would match the reality. We have currently just completed week 4 of 12 and I'm already seeing a difference in some of more lively children... they can sit quietly and concentrate for longer periods of time and seem to be listening in a more focussed way." - Andrew Kite, KS2 Leader and Year 3 Teacher, Liberty Primary School, Mitcham, London

More testimonials will be added as I get permission to use the many positive things that heads and teachers have said about using Move4words.