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Fit2Learn CIC have now taken over provision of Move4words training and resources.

Move4words is a large-group video-based intervention for schools, designed to train children’s attention and self-control. Its main impact is increased literacy performance for pupils in the bottom 20%. It is very easy to use.

“It’s so easy because you simply put the DVD in the player and the children follow the instructions on screen. You just slot it into your timetable at the very start of the day as soon as the children come in. It can be used with very little training. The children absolutely love it. They think it is a really good start to the day.”

Jessica Mattingley, SENCO at Kings Hedges Primary School, Cambridge.


How to use M4W in school

Deliver the programme early in the school day for the best impact. You can use it with the whole class to foster a community spirit, or with targeted groups of poor readers.

We recommend, as a rolling programme, that you use Move4words with Year 1 (or Year 2 if more convenient), and then repeat the programme with the same children in their Year 3 (or start of Year 4). Initially, you may decide to use Move4words with all KS1 and KS2 classes.

In secondary schools, you can use Move4words with targeted groups of Year 7 students who have significant problems with literacy.

We also recommend that you monitor pupils' progress with a standardised reading test, and the free reading speed test (on the DVD). We provide a free data analysis service as part of your licence.

Technical Requirements

• PC or Mac with DVD drive, with the free download Adobe Acrobat PDF reader available here

• Interactive whiteboard or digital projector

• Loudspeakers in classroom

More information about technical requirements




The Move4words DVD V4.0 contains all your resources. These are:

  • 60 individual exercise sessions which make up the main 12 week programme of movements.
    • Each day’s session is a routine of 9 or 10 exercises which takes 15 minutes to deliver, and is covered fully with step-by-step videos of child actors or animations.
    • The videos teach gradually more complex movement skills in a clear, day-by-day and week-by-week format.
  • A further 120 five-minute exercise sessions to start the day for the rest of the school year.
  • Short 4-page manual.
  • Four teacher-self-training modules to use before and during the delivery of the main 12-week programme, and one to use before you start using the 5 minute booster sessions.
  • Two hand-eye coordination templates to laminate.
  • Reading Speed Test – takes one minute to deliver per pupil.
  • Licence terms and conditions (licence only validated by payment for services).

Example teachers' comments about training sessions

“It was informative and easy to transfer into the classroom. Thank you! I can’t wait to use it.”

Liz Meyfroidt, Year 6 Literacy Coordinator, Ghyllside Primary School, Cumbria.

“Very clear understanding of what’s expected and how to use the programme”

Kate Pepper, St Herbert’s Primary School, Keswick.